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Building a Stronger Wisconsin is an independent advocacy organization whose purpose is to publicly promote policies that maintain Wisconsin's high quality of life. Recently, the US Supreme court has told us that the best way to promote free speech is with more speech, not less. We will continue to speak up in favor of the issues that we believe will keep building a stronger Wisconsin now and into the future.

A Little Bit About What's Great About Wisconsin:

Building a Stronger Wisconsin isn't just an independent advocacy organization, we are a advocate of Wisconsin itself. We are proud of our great state and its people

National: The Best Ingredients For You

SELF's survey of 100 U.S. metro areas reveals the fittest, healthiest and happiest women in the land. Now you can steal their life-improving secrets... Click here to read more.

Local: Chalkboard: Autism Education Done Right in Madison

There are a number of locally familiar names in a long, glowing feature in the Aug. 1 New York Times about how Madison's public schools have taken the isolation out of autism for many district students... Click here to read more.

National: Where To Educate Your Children

In Pictures: Top 20 Places To Educate Your Child
Let's agree with wise experts that the quality of education any child gets comes down to just three things: their own motivation, their parents' support and good teachers. Still, is there a way to compare America's metro areas for education strengths? Consider five factors... Click here to read more.

National: Women in Charge of Businesses: Madison Ranks 5th in Nation

Each of the first four markets in these rankings has more than 4 million residents. Madison -- barely above half a million -- is tiny by comparison. But there's nothing small about the success its women enjoy. They hold 43 percent of all local managerial and professional jobs, the best rate among the top five metros. The best markets for female execs and women business owners... Click here to read more.

Tourism: America's Top Farmer's Markets: Dane County Farmer's Market

Once a hippie haven, Madison has emerged as one of the most livable cities in America; part and parcel of its metamorphosis has been this farmers' market, running full blower since 1972 when then-Mayor Bill Dyke sought a way to bridge city and country. The market circles the Capitol building, which sits in the middle of an isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona, right at the head of energetic State Street, which runs into the University of Wisconsin several blocks away. Click here to read more.

Tourism: #1 Madison: Full of Great Taste

By 2012, Nichole Fromm and JonMichael Rasmus plan to eat in all 600 or so restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin--in alphabetical order. Their endeavor, addictively documented at, perfectly captures our top food town: quirky, totally democratic and full of great taste, not pretension. Click here to read more.

Tourism: 5 Great Wisconsin Lighthouses

Lucky Wisconsin—it has not one Great Lake, but two.
That means it's got lots of scenic coastline, lined with cliffs, beaches, islands—and lighthouses.
To many, lighthouses are irresistibly romantic. In a harsh environment, they were outposts of civilization, and their keepers often became heroes, saving the lives of shipwrecked sailors... Click here to read more.

Technology: National Bio and Agro Defense fits Wisconsin

Madison, Wis. - It's not every day that Wisconsin has a chance to attract a major federal laboratory. It has been more than 30 years since the National Wildlife Health Center was established in Madison, and nearly 100 years since the University of Wisconsin was selected over the University of Michigan as the site for the National Forest Products Laboratory. Both labs have contributed immensely to the world's knowledge of wildlife diseases and forests - as well as the state's economy... Click here to read more.

Middleton, WI is the Best Place to Live National: Middleton Wisconsin is the Best Place to Live in the United States.

Why Middleton is No. 1:
Good schools, low crime, green space - there's a lot to love about this Wisconsin town...

Find out why this Wisconsin town, with its picturesque main street and open space, takes the top spot on Money Magazine's list of the Best Places to Live 2007, Click here to see the video.

For more stories about the great state of Wisconsin click here.

Highlights of a Stronger Wisconsin:

Tourism: Forget cheese. Madison, WI, #1 for walking

City beats out Miami, San Francisco in list of most walkable in the country

MADISON, Wis. - With the thermometer hovering at 22, and the wind ripping off a frozen Lake Mendota, Rink DaVee and his brother Jim decided to take a stroll.
And why not? After all, according to a recent top 10 list, there's no better place in the country for walking than the capital city of a state known more for cheese and beer than exercising... Click here to read more.